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As an only child, Mava spent her childhood mostly in her imagination. It was hard for her parents and teachers, but fun for her. As her mother said, she knew she wanted to be a director.
To be sure she started writing for magazines, working on news in radio, volunteered her time at an orphanage and created programmes for tv.
After that she decided that directing is her only love, she started working as a director. When she was directing one of the series, she gave birth to a baby girl and it turned out that her daughter was her true love. She then spent 7 years as a full time mother to her two kids, and focused on writing a book for parents.
Following these years, she came back to directing, fully rejuvenated, ready to work, with a new point of view.
Today Mava is a commercial director with an eye for the undiscovered beauty and authenticity in everyday scene. Her background in psychology (Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis) helps her to create real stories / commercials and make viewers read between the lines.

She believes 30 seconds are enough to tell a complete beautiful story