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Risk - Made in Warsaw

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Basia and Kuba are a photo-film duo who’s daily life is a constant admiration of the images that surround them and seeking frames, light and colors that inspire them. Speaking an array of languages between them and always keen to travel, they gather a lot of their inspiration from the different cultures they explore and has resulted in them working on many joint fashion, beauty and lifestyle projects with Kuba being a DOP and Basia a creative director as well as a talented photographer.

Kuba has worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Orange, Samsung, Mastercard, among many others as a cinematographer but also has experience in directing. He was the winner of the best Polish music video award and also received prizes for best cinematography and best screenplay. His documentary film “El Sueño” was awarded a prize and highly praised at the Baku International Tourism Film Festival (BITFF). He was also in the official selection of American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs.

Basia was formerly the head stylist for Elle Magazine (Poland) and her work as a creative and photographer has featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Gala, Cosmopolitan, among many others. She has travelled to many places around the world, feeling inspired by beauty and nature surrounding her everywhere and trying to reflect it in her work. Now, together, they are focused on fashion and beauty projects and combine working with unique talent on and off screen to breathe life into their vision.