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Born in New York

Currently based in China and Southeast Asia, Kal Karman is a film director recognized for his talent of blending striking imagery with impactful visual effects in his advertising work.
A native of California, Karman relocated in 1999 to Italy, where in a 15-year span he built up an impressive portfolio working with a collection of internationally renowned brands that include Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Bulgari.
He has directed commercials for a number of creative agencies across the globe and lensed leading international celebrities including:
James Franco, Shakira, Dilreba Dilmurat 迪丽热巴, Zhao LiYing 赵丽颖, Li Yifeng 李易峰 & Janice Man ⽂咏珊.

A former student of acting, Karman considers himself an actor’s director who is keen to place the performance first and who is eager to allocate time for rehearsal in order to create the right chemistry on set.
He likens his approach to the filmmaking process as that of a craftsman looking to create a visually stunning work of art imbued with depth and meaning.

Karman is currently developing several feature film projects aimed at the Asian market.